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We can provide cheap glasses online because we have excellent relationships with our suppliers many online glasses suppliers claim they do not have the same overheads as High St Opticians, however at 2020glasses we have similar prices in our actual store. Whether you are online or in our store 2020glasses aims to give you the best price possible for high quality prescription glasses and sunglasses.

Most of our optical frames can be made into sunglasses by simply adding a sunglass tint. If you are a driver, an outdoors enthusiast or simply having problems with glare we recommend polarised lenses as the perfect sunglass lens.  If you want to have the option of a tint and a clear lens, why not try our photochromic range of lenses.

That is a great question! If you are already own a pair of glasses. You will have some
measurements on the inside of the arm or the inside of the bridge. It is usually 3 numbers please refer to our glasses size guide for further info.

Yes of course! We understand you may love your current glasses and providing the glasses are in great condition and are not vulnerable we can put lenses in your glasses. Points to remember with reglazing are as follow:

  • Frames will need to be sent by post to our lab, it is your responsibility to send the glasses with adequate protection in the case and using the right postal cover.
  • On arrival our technicians will assess the frame for any signs of wear and tear and advise if your frame is suitable.
  • Our glazing department has reglazed thousands of frames over the last decade but sometimes frames can break during that process despite taking the utmost care.  2020glasses cannot take responsibility of the frame during a reglaze.
  • Reglazing your glasses is entirely at your own risk.

No problem! more and more people wear glasses for fashion. All you do is choose the fashion no prescription option and add coatings if you need them and voila!  Plain lens glasses.

At 2020glasses our plain lenses are made from the same quality material our prescription lenses are made from. We recommend you have an antireflective coating on the plain lens as it creates a perfect gloss finish on the lens.

Technical Questions about my prescription

This is simply the distance between the centre of your eyes, this measurement is used to work out the optical centres of the glasses need to be placed.

Your optician is not obliged to give you the P.D measurement, but we find when customers ask us nicely in our opticians practice, we often are happy to measure it for them. Your optician is entitled to charge you a small fee for the service. An adult’s PD will not change and usually stays the same.

We do have a guide on measuring your PD:

Alternatively let us work it out for you after making thousand of glasses over the years we use indicators to work out average measurements based on sex, age and frame size.

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